The Holidays

Here we are almost 3 weeks away from Christmas and all the accompanying holidays. People are still shopping for gifts for the holidays. We have seen an uptick in sales of two things.

One, acrylic TV tray tables and two, acrylic coffee tables. The first one is a favorite with our customers. They have purchased over 500 of them in the last year. I think sitting in front of the television eating a meal has been an American pastime for 60 years. I know growing up in the early 60s we had them and used them often. My mother would clean them and put them away for the next time. The second item that is popular is our clear acrylic coffee tables. So many people are trying to clean and straighten their houses for the company that is coming for the holidays. They want to add some sparkle to their living rooms to impress their company. Adding a clear acrylic piece of furniture does not make the room look smaller. It does just the opposite. Visually it does not take up any room at all. But once you see it you are impressed.

We still have some time before the holidays to shop so don’t forget about PLASTICMART and all of its wonderful products. You will be glad you found us.

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