About Us

Founded in 1961, The Plasticmart began its business to meet the needs of the local boating community, as fiberglass and resins became the new materials replacing wood. From the beginning, Plasticmart became a major supplier to local surfboard manufacturers for the use of fiberglass surfboards with lightweight foam cores evolved. As the surfing craze rose and fell, Plasticmart transitioned to Plexiglas and acrylic materials as its medium of choice.

From acrylic materials evolved a whole line of products ranging from furniture to technical devices to aquariums to display items. These and a myriad of other products are now designed and manufactured by Plasticmart. With forty years experience, Plasticmart helps develop and build a fascinating array of products for virtually any need.

Plasticmart now specializes in custom fabrication work producing anything from prototypes to full production runs, and has become Southern California’s leader in quality acrylic production.